Proceedings of STAB & ISSW

Proceedings of the International Conference on the Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles (STAB) and proceedings of the International Ship Stability Workshops (ISSW) represent a fundamental and unique source of information and knowledge for all those who are involved, or intend to be involved, in basic and applied research, regulation developments, or other activities deemed of contribution to the body of knowledge and understanding of the subject of ship stability and safety.


Recognising this, the STAB International Standing Committee together with the Stability R&D Committee have considered appropriate to disseminate this information in a free and open way to the community worldwide.


Proceedings of STAB can be downloaded from the following links:

Proceedings of ISSW can be downloaded from the following links:


The following members of the SRDC (Stability R&D Committee) are acknowledged for their effort in collecting the proceedings uploaded on this page: Gabriele Bulian (University of Trieste - UNITS); Nicolas Carette (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands - MARIN); Eleftheria Eliopoulou (National Technical University of Athens - NTUA); Toru Katayama (Osaka Prefecture University); Dimitris Konovessis (University of Strathclyde - SSRC); Jean-François Leguen (DGA Hydrodynamics); Akihiko Matsuda (National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering - NRIFE);  Anders Rosén (Royal Institute of Technology - KTH); Daisuke Terada (National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering - NRIFE).

Acknowledgements are also given to Khaled Mohamed (University of Strathclyde - SSRC) for the help in preparing the original website.


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